How to avoid failing the real estate exam

When you set a goal for yourself to earn a license to sell homes in South Carolina, you no doubt understood that there will be a process involved and that it will require time and effort to succeed. It's not uncommon to encounter setbacks or challenges along the way. However, the last thing you want is to put all the work in to complete the required hours of class time but then fail the real estate exam.

There are several reasons why students might fail the state exam on a first attempt. Listing these reasons in this blog post will hopefully raise your awareness and help you avoid making the same mistakes.

Avoid the big P like the plague

One of the biggest mistakes students often make is to think they have plenty of time to study for their state exam. Your primary goal should not only be to remember the information you have learned but to truly master the concepts so that you are able to put them into practice in a real-life situation.

There is no such thing as studying for your state exam too soon. In fact, it's best to be studying throughout your classroom hours as well. Waiting until your final exam is days or hours away could be setting yourself up for failure. Instead, create an organized study plan and stick to it.

Not having quality study materials

You might be tempted to study on a whim or use only the notes you have taken in class to prepare for your state exam. This style of studying might backfire. It is another common mistake students who fail the state test on their first attempt often make.

You can increase your chances of scoring the required 70% or above if you use quality study guide materials to prepare for your final exam. It is also a good idea to get your hands on a few practice tests in order to see what types of questions and categories might be included in the final exam. Do not short yourself on quality when it comes to study materials.

Not being well-rested, hydrated or fed

You are not likely going to score well on your real estate exam if you have not been getting adequate sleep prior to taking the test. Also, dehydration causes cognitive impairment, including mental confusion, lack of ability to focus and headaches. It is imperative to stay hydrated when you are trying to achieve an academic goal.

Finally, if you load up on study snacks full of processed sugars, it may boost your energy for a short period of time. However, it will probably be followed by a tremendous crash a few hours later, where you feel sluggish and unable to concentrate. Do a bit of research to learn which snacks boost brain health and energy levels and make sure you are eating those things before you take your state exam.

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