3 benefits that your broker-in-charge adds to your career

Becoming a licensed real estate agent in South Carolina carries with it a great sense of independence and freedom. No more boss looking over your shoulder at a nine-to-five desk job. The ability to have more control over your own schedule might be one of the benefits that attracted you to the real estate industry. Being a licensed real estate agent, however, doesn't mean you are working alone.

In fact, to obtain your license to sell homes, you will need to have the sponsorship of a brokerage. If you choose a brokerage wisely, the broker-in-charge and team can provide several benefits to your real estate career. While not every brokerage offers these perks, many do, which not only adds convenience to your work day, it acts as an incentive to do a great job, as well.

Multiple Listing Services (MLS) access and board fees

Working under a quality brokerage often means that the broker is covering your local board fees and providing free access to you for the MLS system online. The MLS is one of the most valuable tools that you have at your disposal as a real estate agent. In fact, this access is one reason why it is better for clients to entrust the sale of their home to an agent rather than try to conduct a FSBO—For Sale By Owner.

Working with a brokerage that covers MLS expenses for you is a great perk because it's one less cost you have to factor into your budget.

Someone to coordinate your transactions for you

A lot of people don't realize how many individual tasks go into a single home sale. When someone thinks about what a real estate agent does, they usually imagine someone showing clients a home, then facilitating some paperwork, handing over keys, shaking hands and moving on to the next deal.

There are many more details and behind-the-scenes duties being carried out with every real estate transaction. A great benefit of working under a quality brokerage is having a transaction coordinator on hand to help your daily operations run smoothly. This person coordinates your showings, home inspections, appraisals, client correspondence and more.

A brokerage sponsor provides materials to advertise and market your business

Establishing your brand and advertising your real estate business is something all new agents must do if they hope to generate leads and make themselves known in their community. Everything from business cards, flyers, brochures and more, creates an expense. And, if you are like most agents just starting out, your budget might be a bit tight.

A brokerage often provides advertising materials to its agents. This perk alone can save you a lot of money in your first year.

Choose a brokerage carefully

To become a profitable and successful real estate agent, you'll want to make sure that you sign on with a brokerage that's a good fit for you. This includes having a broker-in-charge and fellow agents who have similar work ethics and goals, and who are willing to provide encouragement and support.

There's no need to sign on with the first brokerage that is willing to sponsor you. Instead, shop around and visit several brokerages in your area. Talk to the broker-in-charge at each place, as well as multiple team members, until you find a brokerage that feels right.

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