3 things to know about the South Carolina real estate exam

If you’ve decided to pursue real estate sales as a career and haven’t yet done so, you’ll soon be enrolling in pre-license education classes to begin working your way to the final exam, which is the portal to obtaining a license to sell homes in South Carolina. As with all new business endeavors, you’re likely to experience ups and downs throughout your education process.

You’ll no doubt encounter challenges in the course of your career once you earn your license to start selling homes. The key to rising above these challenges during pre-license study is to tap into available resources for support to help you master whatever concept it might be that you’re struggling to understand. While the knowledge you gain in real estate school will be with you forever, you don’t have "forever" to take your final exam. There are several important things to know regarding “time” when preparing for your real estate test.

You have 5 years to pass the final exam after completing pre-licensing education

In South Carolina, you’re required to complete a total of 90 hours of pre-license educationfrom a source that has been approved by the South Carolina Labor Licensing Regulation Department. How long it takes to accomplish this depends on numerous factors, such as whether you’re devoting full time or part time toward the effort. Many people attend real estate school in addition to working full-time jobs, so they have less time for studying and completing coursework than someone who is able to focus solely on their classes.

Once you complete your coursework, you must pass the South Carolina real estate exam within the next five years. If you don’t pass the final exam the first time around, you are permitted to take it again, as many times as needed, in accordance with certain time and eligibility restrictions.

Eligibility to take the final exam expires after 1 year

While you have five years in which to pass your real estate exam after completing the 90 hours of pre-license education required in this state, before you take the exam, you must apply for examination eligibility. Once the Commission grants you eligibility, it remains valid for one year. You must be eligible to sit for the real estate exam. If you don’t pass the test, you may retake it as long as you’re still eligible.

If your eligibility has expired, you can reapply, provided five years have not passed since completion of your pre-license education course work.

Earning a passing grade on the real estate exam

To obtain a license to sell homes in South Carolina, you must score a 70% or higher on your real estate exam. At this point, you will have already put a lot of time and effort into completing your pre-license classes and acquiring the knowledge and experience you need in order to pass the test. However, it’s also important to study well for the exam.

Because you have five years in which to pass the final exam, weeks, months or years might pass from the time you complete your coursework to the time you sit for the final examination. Chances of being able to walk in there and pass without studying first are rather small. The sooner you acquire good study habits, the greater chance you have of earning a passing grade on your final test!

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