3 ways to generate referrals in real estate

When you’re selling homes in South Carolina, you must market yourself, whether you work by yourself or as part of a team. The most successful agents are those who understand that every new client brings not only an opportunity to sell a house but to build a connection and lasting relationship that can help boost your business. When a client walks away happy with your service, he or she may be willing to give you referrals when they meet someone with real estate needs.

Generating referrals is just as important to your real estate business as gaining new leads. There are several things you can do to increase your business through word-of-mouth from others. It all starts with building community and connections.

How to build community and connections to generate referrals in real estate

The internet is a valuable tool that you can use to build community and connections with your real estate clients. You will get more referrals if you make sure that your name and business stay fresh in your clients’ minds. In fact, with the right approach, you can even connect with people in your area who have never hired you as a real estate agent but might still recommend you to others.

For example, consider launching a podcast that’s a go-to for information regarding all aspects of the real estate industry, especially current market trends and interesting news about home sales in your community. Include the URL for your podcast on your business cards. In addition to this, you can create a website, blog and various social media accounts where you actively engage with followers online. The more people who click like and follow your platforms, the better. This is a highly effective way to get referrals.

Jump on the holiday events bandwagon

Another great way to generate referrals in real estate is to host fun events for your community. You can invite current and past clients, as well as all the foot traffic you can muster in the area. With the holidays just underway this year, it’s the perfect time to host a holiday open house at your real estate office.

Is your town hosting a tree lighting or holiday festival? If so, consider hosting a hot cocoa or coffee bar inside your office, and be on hand to converse and answer questions about real estate. As the public mingles with your clients, you’re bound to get referrals. You can host exciting events throughout the year, not just during the holidays. Why not create a wine or olive oil tasting event or host a raffle with tickets to a major sporting event?

Keep the lines of communication open

Once a client, always a client—at least, that should be one of your primary goals as a South Carolina real estate agent. Stay in touch with clients by sending greeting cards or bulk emails about interesting real estate news in your area. Always include a reminder that you are available to service their real estate needs and that you’d appreciate it if they’d keep you in mind when friends, family or colleagues ask them for referrals.

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