Building a client list from zero

Getting your real estate license does not mean you will automatically have clients knocking down your door to buy or sell property. Other agents may tell you they get much of their business from repeat customers as well as clients who have recommended them to friends and family. So how do you get these kinds of customers if you haven’t made a sale yet? 

You may spend a large portion of your initial years in the business building a client base and following leads. The trick is to maximize every opportunity to create those leads. You may not have repeat customers just yet, but there are plenty of people who are looking to make real estate transactions. It is up to you to find them and keep them. 

Get busy right now! 

Perhaps you think you have to wait until you get your real estate license to build your business. This is not necessarily so. In fact, while you are working on your license is a good time to start priming potential clients by spreading the word to neighbors, friends, family and others that you are starting a new career in real estate. Once you obtain your license, you can contact those people to let them know you are ready to help them buy or sell their homes.  

Generating leads 

Chances are, many of your friends and family may not be in the market for a home just yet, but you can ask them to refer their friends and families to you. In this way, you are building a network of potential leads. Other ways to generate leads and find clients include: 

  • Adding a personal touch to each email you send even if you are using a template 
  • Using your social media and updating it regularly 
  • Posting on community boards and apps, but being careful not to spam them 
  • Paying for leads through online services or by purchasing leads from a real estate agent who is retiring 
  • Creating a website that is more than just MLS listings. 

Your website can be a go-to resource for people who are looking for answers to their real estate questions. In addition to including an interesting and heartfelt biography so potential clients can personally relate to you, you can include an informative blog. Your blog can address common topics buyers and sellers may be interested in learning about, such as the steps in a real estate transaction. The website may also have an FAQ page and links to local resources in addition to the MLS listings. 

Once you have successfully worked with clients, stay in touch with them, such as sending a card on the anniversary of the day they closed on their home. If they had a positive experience with you, it is likely they will refer you to their friends and will want to work with you again in the future.  



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