Will your client buy or build?

In your career as a real estate agent, you are likely to meet clients who are more interested in the option of building a new home than buying an existing one. A newly built home is like a clean slate, without the baggage, uncertainties or leftovers, either material or emotional, that often come with an existing structure.  

The higher price point makes building a home a non-starter for many clients. Nevertheless, those who are serious about new construction have likely been planning for some time, and you will certainly have resources to assist them with finding the appropriate financing options. However, before they go down the costly road of building, you will want to discuss with your clients the benefits and drawbacks of new construction. 

5 reasons to build 

Building a new home is a much longer process than buying. Construction depends on the weather, availability of materials and contractor scheduling. Additionally, your clients may have to research numerous builders to find one with a solid reputation that still falls within their budget. Budget is critical when building a home, and there is not often room for negotiation as there is with the purchase of an existing home. Still, to your client, these issues might be minor compared the benefits of a new construction, including: 

  • Everything will be new, including appliances and systems. 
  • Inspections for occupancy assure your clients the house meets tough new building codes. 
  • New homes often have updated energy-saving standards, such as insulation, efficient appliances, and alternative heating and cooling sources, which can also save money. 
  • Clients might live in the home for years before dealing with any major maintenance or repair issues. 
  • They can customize their home to fit their needs, tastes and lifestyle. 

Of course, customizing will probably add to the overall cost of the construction. Upgrading appliances, choosing wood flooring over carpeting, and even selecting different knobs and handles for cabinetry can nickel and dime clients into thousands more than they anticipated spending. If your client chooses to work with a builder that is part of a national franchise, they might also find that their options for customization are limited. 

What is it worth? 

Even with the negative aspects of choosing a new construction, your clients may be leaning toward building instead of buying. They will depend on your knowledge and experience to guide them through the process, your expertise in negotiations, and your assistance in making the most appropriate decisions, whether they choose to build a new construction or purchase an existing home.

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