How to close the deal

Once you have a client ready to make an offer on a house, it’s easy to think you have won the battle, especially if the client has been difficult or indecisive. However, even if the client seems ready to move forward with the transaction, you still have many challenges ahead and many opportunities for your client to back out of the deal. 

It is natural for homebuyers, and even sellers sometimes, to become overwhelmed, intimidated or nervous about the decision they are about to undertake. After all, it is often the biggest investment they will make, and it is understandable that they may have second thoughts. However, part of your job as a real estate agent is to get your clients over those hurdles and into their new homes with minimal stress and no regrets. 

Sealing the deal starts early in the process 

Closing the deal takes skill and experience, and the more opportunities you have to work with clients, the more you will develop your own style and technique. There are, however, certain points that are foundational to any system for closing the deal, including: 

  • Listen to the client; this cannot be overstated. The only way to understand the needs and goals of your clients is to listen carefully to what they say and don’t say. 
  • Anticipate the factors that may trigger a flight response, which becomes a greater risk the closer you get to closing. 
  • Always respond to your clients’ calls and questions as soon as possible. Nervous clients quickly lose heart when they feel their agent has forgotten them. 
  • Even if you are working for the buyer, do not overlook the seller’s needs, or the seller may back out and cost you the sale.  
  • Reinforce the positive from the very beginning by reminding them of their goals, especially during the times of chaos and uncertainty. 

Getting your clients to the closing table is often a delicate balancing act that may test your negotiating skills. For example, you want to be encouraging and positive, but you should also be completely honest. You may be so close to getting that commission, but you still have an obligation to be perfectly frank with your client whenever something new develops.  

Your experience in the real estate industry will help you gain confidence and develop a keen sense of timing. Until then, you can always seek out veteran agents who are willing to share their own insights with you. 

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