4 classic paint colors for South Carolina homes

South Carolina homes are often said to have 'southern charm.' While you might find several styles of houses in the region, including farm houses, lakefront cabins or country cottages, houses in the south capture visitors' attention because of unique architecture and also exterior colors, which are prevalent in southern states as well.

There are several exterior paint colors that are conventional choices for many homeowners in South Carolina. The color of a house can either boost or reduce curb appeal, which is a key factor to piquing a prospective buyer's interest in a particular home. Houses with low curb appeal tend to sit on the market a lot longer than those with aesthetically pleasing exteriors.

Exterior paint colors that are popular in the South

One of the colors you will often see on the exterior of southern homes that you might not find so often in the north is pink. There is a specific shade of pink known as creole pink  that never seems to go out of style in coastal regions. In South Carolina, you are also likely to find some colonial style homes, which are often painted in 'colonial blue.

Classic white, often with a traditional blue or red front door for a pop of color, is another common exterior paint choice for southern homes. Homeowners who want the focus features to be the landscape or sky might choose a Texas leather color for the exterior of their homes. This is a hue that is similar to taupe.

What if a buyer loves a house but hates the color?

As a real estate agent, you might encounter situations where you are showing a home that has an unappealing exterior color. In such cases, it's helpful to highlight other features in online listings and in person as you interact with buyers. Emphasizing spacious rooms, for instance, or a beautiful in-ground pool or a primary location, might help convince a buyer that the home is worth making an offer on, even if the exterior color isn't a favorite.

It is also possible that a seller might be willing to negotiate price so that a buyer has funds on hand to get the house painted. Some sellers might even be willing to have the house painted before going to closing. When a particular issue like this is impeding a sale, an agent's negotiation skills might be the key factor needed to secure a deal.


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