Stock up on South Carolina trivia to impress your clients

As a South Carolina real estate agent, you play a key role in helping sellers and buyers achieve their goals. When you’re dealing with buyers, you no doubt often have conversations about South Carolina living and all the amenities the state has to offer. Especially if prospective buyers are coming in from out of state, they might be interested in learning more about state history or interesting facts that make the area unique.

That’s why it’s a good idea to do some research to learn as much about South Carolina as you can, especially landmarks, events, people or things that make it stand out from other states. For instance, do you know that this state produces more peaches than any other state, except California? Read on, to learn some more unique and entertaining facts about “The Palmetto State.”

South Carolina was home to the tiniest police station in the country

Imagine getting arrested and being transported to a police station that is the size of an average toll booth. Up until 1990, that would have been possible in Ridgeway, South Carolina, which was then the home of the smallest police station in the United States. When it was first built, it functioned as a water well. It’s now used as an information booth.

Aliens are welcome in South Carolina

In Bowman, there is a special welcome center. A local resident constructed it in his backyard. It’s called the “UFO Welcome Center,” and its purpose is to welcome aliens to earth from outer space. The center is shaped like a flying saucer.

A unique DUI traffic stop law exists in this state

No one wants to get pulled over, especially if the police officer conducting the traffic stop suspects a driver of DUI. Your homebuying clients will want to know that South Carolina is the only state in the country that mandates videotaping for DUI traffic stops. Motorists should be aware that everything they do and say will be recorded if they are pulled over in a DUI stop.

You can’t live on Monkey Island if you’re a human

There’s an island in South Carolina, which is formally known as “Morgan Island.” What makes it so unique is that all its inhabitants (approximately 3,500) are rhesus monkeys. They are the only free-ranging colony of monkeys in the United States.

World class golf courses in Myrtle Beach

If your buyers are golf enthusiasts, they may be looking for a new home in the area because Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is the golf capital of the world! According to many PGA pros, the top three courses in the region include Dunes Golf & Beach Clug, Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, and Tidewater Golf Club.

Use your spare time wisely to learn as much as you can about South Carolina

When you become a real estate agent, make it a priority to become a go-to for interesting facts and information about South Carolina, which can help you attract buyers to the area.


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