What kind of agent will you be?

Real estate is one industry where your personal qualities can be a positive factor in your success. Are you outgoing with an appropriate sense of humor? Do you genuinely like being around people? Do you have good manners, good grooming and a reasonable sense of style? These combined with your quality training may improve your chances of connecting well with your clients and building a business based on repeat customers and glowing referrals. 

Unfortunately, these positive factors do not come naturally for everyone who becomes a real estate agent. Additionally, the longer you work in the business, the more likely some bad habits may creep in if you are complacent.  

A long look in the mirror 

It is always a good idea to do some self-evaluation at the beginning of a new career, but it is also wise to do a follow-up from time to time. You may be shocked to recognize that some bad habits or negative attitudes have darkened your professional demeanor. For example, if real estate agents have any of the following annoying characteristics, many clients will not want to work with them again: 

  • Instead of being confident in their knowledge and skill, they are arrogant and think their way is the only way. 
  • Instead of being willing to learn new methods to reach clients and stay current with the latest marketing tools, they find one technique that is comfortable and stick with it. 
  • Instead of finding the best possible situation for a client even if it takes a little extra effort, they are focused on getting the commission and moving on to the next sale. 
  • Instead of being organized enough to make time to stay in contact with each client, their busy schedules prevent them from returning calls and messages in a timely manner. 
  • Instead of offering a sincere apology when something goes wrong, they apologize too much either because they lack confidence or because they are trying to manipulate. 
  • Instead of being prepared to work evenings and weekends for their clients, they expect that their job as a real estate agent should not interfere with their personal plans. 

Perhaps one of the most annoying habits some real estate agents develop is deciding what the client wants instead of really listening to the client’s needs and wishes. This may include directing a buyer to a condo when she is looking for a house, or trying to sell someone a property he cannot afford. While no one is perfect, and everyone has personal flaws and annoying traits, you may have to periodically self-evaluate to discover if any of your habits could be the ones that will chase away your clients. 

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