Why marketing yourself as a full-service agent is best

Many South Carolina real estate agents work on a limited-service platform nowadays. They basically agree to list their clients’ homes for sale on the Multiple Listings Service (MLS). They might also agree to install a lockbox on your door. Beyond that, most of the other tasks involved in the average home sale will fall to the seller. If you want your real estate business to stand out and hope sellers will give you referrals, it’s best to market yourself as a full-service agent.

Full-service agents go above and beyond to help their clients achieve an optimal experience in the home sale process. Their services often include things like home-staging to prepare for showings, marketing and advertising beyond the MLS and price negotiations. As a full-service agent, you might offer to host an Open House for your client or provide a highlighted features page for each buyer that comes through.

Limited-service agents often work with FSBOs

The fact that there are many benefits to working as a full-service agent doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t build a successful real estate business as a limited-service agent. Many homeowners who choose to go the FSBO (For Sale by Owner) route hire limited-service agents to get their homes into the MLS. Homeowners (who are not licensed real estate agents) cannot access the MLS.

Full-service agents communicate with buyers and their agents

When a person wants to sell a home using conventional methods (I.e., a listing agent), the last thing he or she wants to do is handle all the correspondence with prospective buyers and their agents. This includes scheduling showings or answering questions about the house or the results of an inspection. As a full-service agent, you act on behalf of your clients in all aspects of the home sale.

This experience often creates lasting relationships, where a seller stays connected to a particular agent for future real estate needs. When people hire a limited-service agent, it’s often a one-time deal. As a full-service agent, you’re more likely to build a strong network of clients who refer you to other sellers and consult with you if they have real estate needs down the line.

What can you add to your services that other South Carolina agents don’t offer?

The South Carolina real estate industry is highly competitive. If you hope to build a successful, profitable business, you must stand out from your competitors as a go-to resource for all real estate needs in your area. Think of services you can provide that other agents don’t offer, such as call-back guarantees or relocation assistance. The idea is to be a full-service agent who provides all the basics and more!

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