What are my job options in the real estate world?

If you have already gotten your real estate license or you are studying for your exam, you may be thinking about the options available to you with your newly acquired credentials. Maybe you feel you will be happy as a real estate agent for many years, or you plan to work toward your broker’s license. Perhaps you are passionate about the world of real estate, but you don’t see yourself showing houses and closing deals. 

You may be happy to learn that there are additional ways you can use your real estate education and your love of the industry in case you want to branch out from being an agent. You may have to obtain some additional certifications or even a college degree, but these will open doors to a variety of exciting opportunities for you. 

New career, new opportunities 

Your new real estate license will allow you to represent both buyers and sellers of properties. You may choose to find a niche, like working with a certain type of property, a specific location or a particular type of client, such as first-time buyers. You may find yourself drawn to commercial real estate over residential, or even specialize in relocations, downsizing or new constructions. On the other hand, working through the process of real estate transactions may pique your interest in these areas: 

  • Property inspection, where you examine and test properties for sale and offer your opinion of the condition of the building and its components 
  • Appraiser, which involves assessing the value of a property and may include work for tax agencies and other government offices as well as mortgage lenders 
  • Consultant, where you work with real estate investors to help them make profitable decisions 
  • Property manager, which involves overseeing the operations of rental properties for their investment owners 
  • Foreclosure specialist, where you may work with anyone involved in the foreclosure process, including homeowners, those looking to buy a home in foreclosure, or lenders  

You may also even wish to go more deeply into the aspects of the industry’s laws and pursue a career as a real estate lawyer. These professionals deal with the contract issues in a property transaction as well as handling and legal disputes that can arise between the parties in a real estate deal. As you can see, the industry offers many opportunities for those willing to continue their education and make the most of their real estate experience.  

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