How to be a success at real estate

Whether you have only recently obtained your real estate license or you have been on the job for several years, you may be trying to figure out how to be more successful as an agent. In fact, new real estate agents often wonder how long it will take them to become successful in their chosen career. While the market trends will affect your business, much of your success depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into the job. 

There is no magic formula for obtaining success and no script for the perfect words for closing a sale or gaining new clients. In fact, the key to your success may hinge on recognizing the tools you have and using them to the fullest extent. 

Building success throughout your career 

Earning your professional license is not the end of your preparation for a career in real estate; it is only the beginning. To be successful in your line of work, you must be willing to continue learning, improving and expanding your skills. Starting with basic answers to the most common questions a buyer may have, you can add to your knowledge—and therefore your appeal as an agent— in the following ways: 

  • Staying current with market trends in areas beyond your zip code 
  • Knowing local and national industry news 
  • Identifying hot spots and popular community topics 
  • Working with a mentor to obtain hands-on experience 
  • Attending many home inspections to learn what to expect 
  • Connecting with an audience through social media 
  • Making contact with potential clients through open houses 
  • Seeking positive exposure through local news outlets 
  • Using your vendors, such as contractors, attorneys, inspectors and others, to send leads your way. 
  • Learning about any new technology that may help you market your business more effectively 
  • Breaking past negative stereotypes of real estate agents 

You are willing to work tirelessly for your client, but the last thing you want is to seem like the stereotypical pushy real estate agent who is just in it for the commission. Allowing your clients to establish the timing for your interactions or to set a specific date when you will be in touch may relieve them of their suspicion. In fact, you may find it helpful to acknowledge those stereotypes to your clients and reassure them you will work at their pace.  

Even if you feel desperate to earn a commission, it is better to win the trust of your client by being a source of information about your industry and your community. That way, you may also reap the rewards of positive referrals and repeat customers. 

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