Ways to strengthen your online presence right now

Once you’ve hustled and bustled your way through real estate school, it’s time to hustle and bustle your way to profitability. The process of selling homes in 2022 looks a lot different than it did 100 years ago. To be successful in the industry today, you must establish a strong online presence. This involves much more than simply launching a website that shares your contact information.

If your website doesn’t have more to offer, you’re not likely to develop a following. On the other hand, there are several things you can start doing today to help you strengthen your online presence, which can turn a casual first-time visitor into a loyal client.

It’s all about the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Quality content that is fresh, relevant and updated is a top priority issue to establishing online presence and gaining traffic to your website. If your pages are not informative or interesting to your target audience, your chances of landing a top position on a SERP are little to none.

However, if your website is well-designed and maintained, then people who enter search phrases regarding real estate are bound to find you online. There isn’t one specific thing that will make your pages rank better; instead, there are many ranking factors. From strategic use of SEO to establishing yourself as a go-to for information, you will become memorable to your audience and links to your pages will be at the top of a SERP.

User experience matters a lot

It’s possible to be memorable in a bad way. You don't want to come to mind when people are discussing “worst real estate websites ever” or other negative topics. Strengthen your online presence through quality user experience on your website. You’re not just providing information; you’re sharing time with your visitors.

Just as you would want people to enjoy a visit to your home, you want them to have a pleasant experience while visiting your website. If they like what they see, they’ll stay longer. They associate you with your site, so a pleasant user experience on your website helps you establish a strong presence online. People will start to remember you because they remember your site.

Use branding to develop your online presence

Never underestimate the power of branding in real estate. Pay close attention to everything, from the color scheme you use in a logo or on your business cards to your social media profiles and more. Be consistent.

If you have a different profile image on every one of your social media platforms, your brand and your online presence will be less memorable. Even the longest of journeys begins with a single step. You can’t build a strong online presence overnight, but you can take small steps each day that will make your website visible and will help you establish yourself as a successful real estate agent in your community.


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