3 ways social media can help boost your real estate business

Whether you’re a newly-licensed agent or have been working in real estate sales for years, you can never have “too much” networking or “too many” ways to boost your business. Advanced technology provides speed and convenience to various aspects of the business that, long ago, either would have taken a long time to complete or wouldn’t even be possible. Social media is a valuable tool that you can use to your advantage in many ways as a real estate agent.

In this post, we’ll focus on three specific ways that you can boost business by being active on major social media platforms. One of the greatest benefits to using any type of social media to promote your real estate business is the ability to customize your posts and marketing campaigns to provide a personal and unique experience for your audience. Keeping these three ideas in mind may help increase organic traffic and generate leads.

Use your social media platforms to promote your selling region

While most real estate agents use social media to help establish their personal brands and advertise their businesses, it’s also a good idea to use your Instagram, Facebook or other platforms to promote your community. In order to have a booming real estate industry, people have to want to live in the area, right?

What better way to attract attention to your selling region than to promote its amenities across your social media platforms? You can do this sharing photos and information about local festivals, businesses, schools and more. Think to yourself: what are the best features, services and experiences my town has to offer? Then, create social media posts around those ideas. This article provides suggestions for community guides as well as additional tips on how to create a successful real estate website.

Establish yourself as a go-to for real estate info on social media

In addition to captivating posts about the special features and amenities of your community, you can also use your social media platforms to provide information and educate potential clients. When people realize that they can go to your Instagram page or Facebook business page to find answers to questions they have about selling or buying a home, they’ll bookmark your page, like and share your posts, etc., which establishes you as a go-to for real estate info.

Post photos and info about actual homes for sale or homes you have sold

Your real estate business is all about buying and selling homes. Therefore, at least part of your social media campaign should also include photos and information about specific homes, either those that are currently for sale in your area or those you’ve sold in the recent past.

Featuring homes on your social media pages also encourages audience engagement, which is a key factor to expanding your reach and increasing visibility for your business. If your pages are getting comments, always be sure to respond and interact in some way, especially if someone asks a question.

Don’t give up if numbers are low at first

It can take several years to build a successful social media campaign with the purpose of advertising and marketing your real estate business online. If you don’t feel equipped to handle these tasks on your own, you can hire someone to do it for you.

Overall, thoughtful and strategic use of social media can help you get the word out about your business when you become a licensed real estate agent in South Carolina. It can also help generate leads and develop a loyal following, which is likely to lead to referrals – all of which can help you boost business!


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