Staging a home and getting it right

Preparing a house for sale is not always easy, especially when your clients have lived in the home comfortably for many years. There may be much the homeowners will have to clean and rooms to de-clutter before you can help them create an appealing picture for potential buyers. At this point in the process, staging is everything.

Staging is preparing a home for sale by making it as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Staging a home gives interested home buyers an idea of what the house might look and feel like if they lived there. The idea is to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, accentuating the positive features in the home and downplaying those less appealing spaces. There are some tricks to doing it right and some mistakes you will want to avoid.

Keep it warm and simple

To fit more furniture in a room, homeowners may arrange couches and chairs so that they block off doorways or create an awkward pattern of movement from one area to another. Rearranging the furniture to maximize the space and to create a logical, easy flow is often the first step to staging. Of course, this may mean removing some pieces of furniture and minimizing the clutter, but the result may give buyers the impression of space and light. Other easy staging ideas include the following:

  • Redecorating gender-specific bedrooms with more neutral colors and décor
  • Maximizing views by replacing heavy window treatments and removing any furniture that is blocking the windows
  • Remembering to declutter and organize closets and storage areas since buyers typically want to see what is behind the closed doors
  • Accenting special features in the house, such as fireplaces or built-in bookcases, by arranging furniture to showcase those items
  • Avoiding trendy or dated decorations and instead using subtle colors and simple décor, such as books in the bedroom, table settings in the dining room and clean towels artfully stacked in the bathroom

Prospective buyers want to envision their own belongings in the home, so decluttering and removing personal items is important. However, it is also important not to go overboard. A bare room devoid of any décor, color or personality can seem unwelcoming and cold. Therefore, you will want to leave some simple accessories, a piece of art on the wall and plenty of light so the house looks like a home and not a hotel room. In many cases, proper staging has helped sell homes quickly for a good price.

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