Issues that will likely be important to your buyers

When you start selling homes in South Carolina, you’re going to meet a lot of people throughout the course of an average work week. In fact, if you’re a “people person,” the idea of crossing paths with lots of people, different personalities, needs and goals, etc., might be part of what attracted you to the real estate industry. It’s only natural that you’ll want to help your clients make their home-purchase dreams a reality.

It’s imperative for you to be knowledgeable about various features on the properties you’ll be showing to your clients. Of course, if someone asks a question that you don’t have an answer for, you can tell him or her that you will do your best to find out, then tap into any and all available local resources to find the answer. There are certain features and issues that are usually quite important to a potential buyer.

Location is always at the top of the list for home buyers

If you’re working with a buyer, he or she may undoubtedly place a lot of importance on a particular home’s location. The more you learn ahead of time about the surrounding area of a home you plan to show, the better. Buyers will want to know things like how accessible a home is to the nearest interstate, what the crime rate is in a neighborhood or information about local schools.

Age of a home may be a factor for many buyers

As you become more experienced in the real estate industry, you’ll find that the age of a home is a key feature that’s important to many buyers. Some people prefer to live in older homes, especially if they are artistic. They might want a home with older architecture or brick or a classic-style front porch or attic. People who purchase homes with the intention of renovating, then “flipping,” or re-selling are often interested in buying older homes.

For other buyers, a home older than 10 years might not be of any interest to them at all. These buyers like all things to be modern. Such buyers might only want to take a look at an older home, if other key issues, such as location, price, local conveniences, etc., make it worth their while.

How much maintenance with the home and property require?

If your client is retired and looking to down-size and slow down in life, he or she might not be interested in touring homes that require a lot of maintenance. A person in this stage of life might want to buy a home in a community where yard maintenance is taken care of by professionals.

As for the interior of a house, some homes simply need a lot more attention and work than others. You might have clients who don’t mind making repairs or upgrades on a home. There will likely be others, however, who want to stay as far away from maintenance as they can.

Be prepared to discuss these and other issues

In addition to the issues mentioned in this post, the buyers you work with will be interested in numerous other features or topics when searching for a home to purchase. Always be prepared to discuss things like square footage of living space, floor layouts, appliances, number of bedrooms and more.

If you establish yourself as a go-to for information on the houses you show, you increase the chances that your clients will be satisfied with your service and may even go on to give you referrals when their friends or family members are in the market for a new home.

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