Are you going to be a real estate Mom agent?

If you’ve been focused on raising a family at home and have been out of the workforce for a while but are planning to jump back in there by obtaining a license to sell real estate, congratulations! Good for you! The real estate industry is very family-friendly when it comes to building a career. You’ve no doubt already considered the benefits of being able to have a lot of control over your own schedule and deciding just how many hours you’ll put in each week.

Many parents, especially those who are moms, launch new careers in real estate either to supplement existing income or to start fresh in life after being at home for many years. It’s possible for moms to become profitable real estate agents while continuing to provide for the temporal needs of their family. It can be tricky to find a peaceful balance between career and family life, however. This post contains several helpful ideas to keep stress to a minimum and success at its full potential.

Use your Mom sphere of networks to generate leads

One of the most important factors to building a new real estate business is networking and generating leads. The good news for moms is that you don’t have to take tons of time away from your family to go out and hunt down leads. You’re a mom – you interact with a ton of people on a regular basis! As a new real estate agent, you can be hopeful that using your mom-connections will help you generate leads.

For instance, do you volunteer at your child’s school? Are you a member of the PTA or a similar organization? Do you help out with sports teams, scouts or other local groups? Moms are often on a first-name business with the cashiers at the checkout of their local grocery stores, receptionists at doctors’ offices, school crossing guards and more. Chances are, there are leads out there for you in real estate.

Don’t hesitate to block out time for “family only” during the week

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest benefits for moms regarding a real estate career is the ability to have a greater amount of control of your personal schedule than you might have in another career. However, there’s always more work to be done in real estate, meaning you could theoretically work 24/7 if you wanted to. But of course you don’t, especially because you have a family who needs you and wants to spend time with you.

One way to create balance between your real estate career and family life is to block out time for your family each week. During this time, be committed to NOT scheduling showings or meetings with clients, etc. Whatever time you block out becomes a boundary between work and home life. This time is for your family. It doesn’t even have to be the same time every week. Doing this from the start helps you to quickly form the habit.

The brokerage you choose can help you balance work and family life

You might want to think twice before joining a brokerage where the broker-in-charge and team members are all single and have no children. Instead, try to find a brokerage that is family-friendly where with at least several team members who are parents and understand that unexpected issues might arise where you’re needed at home.

Working with a broker who strives to balance career and family life in his or her own live helps balance your own. Work with a brokerage you can count on for support to help you build a successful career and family life. Remember, balance doesn’t mean perfection. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just be the best mom and the best real estate agent you can be. Your best is good enough! And, who knows? Perhaps you’ll partner with one of your children in real estate some day!

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