Aiming for a successful real estate business in 2021

Without question, the world is a different place going into the new year. The unprecedented global events in recent months have changed the culture in ways many could not have imagined. Very few industries were left unscathed by the widespread closures and lockdowns, and the real estate industry is no exception. You may be among the many real estate agents who are scrambling to remain viable and still stay safe.

In your business, it is not enough to be on top of things. You must be forward-thinking, always ahead of the curve. Therefore, when it comes to real estate marketing, you are likely trying to find ways to address the new fears and cautions your clients may have. For this reason, you may be interested in knowing some of the marketing trends that analysts foresee for the coming year.

It’s a virtual world

Shaking hands and passing your business card may be things of the past, and many of the cautious ways you have interacted with your clients in recent months could now be the new normal. You may also notice a surge of clients who will do much of their real estate browsing virtually instead of in person. With these things in mind, consider the following suggestions for facing the trends in the new year like a pro:

  • Using more content marketing—such as increasing your blog posts, hosting YouTube videos or offering Zoom webinars—in place of direct marketing tactics
  • Revising the use of emails for marketing campaigns
  • Offering quality virtual tours instead of open houses
  • Using an aerial drone to give virtual buyers an idea of the neighborhood where a property is located and any nearby amenities or features
  • Increasing and improving your social media presence since more and more people are spending time on these various platforms
  • Getting involved in your community

One constant in the real estate industry is that clients still want a personal connection with their agents even when circumstances limit their ability to have close contact. However, your interest and involvement in local affairs and your active concern for the needs of your community may help you build a strong, positive brand that clients often appreciate.

Keep moving forward

Even if you have concerns about the real estate industry in the future, there are some factors you can control. Among your resolutions for the new year, increasing your knowledge of the real estate business, growing in integrity, and embracing new technological trends may be among those that can keep your business moving forward even when times are uncertain.

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