4 study tools to prepare for a final exam

Earning a license to sell real estate in South Carolina is an admirable achievement. If you’re part way through the process at this time, you no doubt understand that accomplishing this goal is by no means an easy undertaking. It takes commitment, dedication and lots of hard work. A key factor to becoming a licensed real estate agent is passing your license exam.

The saying “You get out of it what you put into it” definitely applies to taking a final real estate exam. You can’t expect to do well if you haven’t thoroughly studied and prepared for the test. There are several study tools that can help you be as well-prepared as possible for your exam.

Flashcards are valuable study tools

Terminology is a big part of mastering the necessary concepts to earn your real estate license. There are bound to be many real estate vocabulary terms on your final exam, including words such as “contingency,” “due diligence,” or “escrow.” Flashcards are a great way to practice linking relevant pieces of information together.

This is an especially helpful study tool for vocabulary words. You can label one side of a card with a vocab word and the other side with the definition. Ask another person to quiz you both ways. In your first round, ask you helper to provide the definitions for you while you answer with the correct term for each.

Next, study the other way around, with your helper giving you words and you supplying the definitions. You can also use flashcards on your own by looking at one side and giving the answer that is hidden on the other.

Take practice tests several times before sitting for the final exam

Have you ever had an experience where you felt that you were prepared to do something, but then failed miserably when you tried to do it because you hadn’t actually practiced doing it ahead of time? Taking a final exam is a lot different than attending classes and studying. In fact, some people have test anxiety. They might know 100% of the information but suddenly draw a blank in their mind when they sit down to take the test.

Taking practice tests ahead of your final real estate exam can help reduce test-taking anxiety. It also gives you an idea of what types of questions and format you can expect when the time comes to take your license exam. If you find yourself struggling on a particular aspect of a practice test, you can address the issue by changing your form of study, asking a tutor for help or simply going over the material again until you feel more comfortable answering questions about the topic.

A study group is a beneficial test prep tool

Gathering with a group of people who have similar goals provides a sense of community and inspiration as you prepare for your real estate exam. Discussing topics with other students also brings fresh perspectives and ideas that might help you be better prepared for your test.

If there’s a certain person in the group who excels on a topic that you struggle with or vice versa, you can help each other. It’s also a great idea, if possible, to ask someone who has already passed the final real estate exam to be a guest member in your study group. They might have recommendations and helpful tips for you because they have first-hand experience with the same type of test you’ll be taking.

Stay properly hydrated, eat healthy food and get plenty of sleep

You might not consider these things to be study tools. However, physical health has a significant impact on academic performance. If you’re dehydrated, eating a bunch of junk food and not getting quality sleep, chances of doing well on your final exam are little to none.

On the contrary, drinking water, avoiding processed foods and sugar, and getting adequate sleep in the nights leading up to your real estate exam enable you to lay a groundwork for success!

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