What’s in your car kit?

As a real estate agent, you may already know how important it is to be ready for just about anything. Seasoned agents may joke or complain about living out of their cars, but they are not far from the truth. If you plan to be busy showing properties, you should be prepared to spend a lot of time in your vehicle. You may have a desk or cozy cubicle at the office, but your vehicle will be your home base. 

You will want to make the most of this by keeping important tools of the trade in your trunk or back seat. While you can’t travel with everything you will need, you can build a kit that includes some of the most common items real estate agents are grateful to have on hand. 

The basics 

If you think about the things you would carry if you were on a road trip, you are off to a good start for building your car kit. Like many travelers, you may stock your car with water, snacks, first aid items, phone charger and hand sanitizer. You may also have weather-related items, such as an umbrella, boots, a flash light and sunscreen. However, you may be surprised how often during a property showing you or your clients will say, “If only we had” one of the following: 

  • A tape measure to check whether furniture will fit in a room 
  • Cleaning items, like a broom, all-purpose cleaner, paper towels and air freshener 
  • Coloring books and colored pencils—not markers or crayons—to keep children of your clients busy during a showing 
  • Dog treats in case a property owner’s pet is not crated when you arrive 
  • Light bulbs because you will likely show houses that are too dim to make a good first impression 
  • Wasp spray for when the building you are showing has territorial pests near the door 
  • Extra copies of paperwork 

Actual tools are handy too. You will certainly need a mallet to plant your For Sale signs, but a multi-tool and a Swiss army knife will also provide you with many options in a single handy apparatus. WD40 in your kit will allow you to take care of sticky locks and squeaky hinges with just a spritz. 

While this may seem like a comprehensive list, you will likely learn quickly which items are truly helpful and which are taking up space. You may also figure out other items to add to your kit. In either case, keeping your kit organized and neat is one more way to present yourself as a real estate agent who has it all together. 

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