Using sandwich board signs in real estate

Nowadays, most home buyers begin their searches online. If you’re a listing agent, however, focusing all of your efforts toward online marketing might cause you to overlook the valuable resource of strategically placed sandwich board signs on your clients’ property. There are several benefits to using this type of signage in real estate.

There’s a difference between simply plunking a generic “for sale” sign in a yard and displaying a well-designed sandwich board sign to attract attention. In fact, the type of in-person signage you choose to advertise your client’s home can either help generate leads or largely go unnoticed by passersby.

A well-designed, strategically-placed sign draws attention

If your goal is to become a profitable listing agent in South Carolina, you’ll want to use sandwich board signage to your advantage. As mentioned earlier, home searches today usually begin online, which is why quality photographs and well-written property descriptions are imperative to real estate sales success. However, a well-designed, strategically-placed sandwich board sign can attract a lot of local attention as well as create visibility to outsiders who are driving through the neighborhood to “check it out” as a possibility for relocation.

Sandwich board signs are typically conspicuous because of their unique shape and structure. They naturally draw attention from those who are walking or driving by.

Sandwich board signs can help establish your brand

Building a strong brand is a key to real estate sales success. Using a particular color theme, font style, profile image, etc., in all of your marketing campaigns is one way to make your brand familiar at a glance. You can incorporate these ideas into a sandwich board sign, which not only advertises a home for sale but also advertises your real estate business.

Think of it this way. Someone might be passing by who is not necessarily looking for a home in the area but, perhaps, has a home that he or she needs to sell. If you do a good job establishing your brand and providing contact information for your business, the sign you use to advertise a listing might garner you some new clients as well.

Neighbors might know someone who’s in the market for a home

Another benefit of quality signage might be that you install a sign across the street or in the same neighborhood of someone who has a relative or friend who is in the market for a home. The neighbor will see your sign and tell the buyer, “There’s a home for sale in my neighborhood.”

Information to include on a sandwich board sign

Make sure your signs include your company name as well as your email address and phone number. You might include your website address, the logo of the brokerage you partner with (if applicable) and/or your QR code.

For sale signs come in many styles, including sandwich board signs, which you can use as a valuable marketing tool in your real estate business.

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