Spend time in nature to excel in real estate school

Summer 2023 will soon be winding to a close. In South Carolina and throughout the United States, students will be returning to their campuses or arriving for the first time. In addition to colleges across the country, many students will be enrolling in real estate school. Earning a license to sell homes requires academic effort, especially if you want to pass the state exam on your first attempt. Spending time in nature can help you succeed!

Researchers have determined that spending time in nature provides numerous benefits to physical, mental and emotional health. The healthier you are, the better able you’ll be to accomplish the real estate goals you have.

Increase dopamine and reduce anxiety and stress by spending time in nature

Does studying or taking tests give you anxiety? If so, there are many students who can relate to your circumstances. Spending time in nature provides several benefits that can help, including an increase in the production of dopamine, a hormone in the body that induces feelings of happiness and well-being. Time spent outdoors in direct sunlight has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety.

Think of it this way: The happier and less stressed you feel, the easier it might be to focus on your studies. If you’re feeling tense and anxious, you’re not likely to retain a lot of the information you receive during your real estate classes. Anxiety causes distraction, which means the things you learn will no doubt go in one ear and out the other. Try spending more time in nature to promote calmness and peace of mind, which can enhance your studies.

Create an outdoor real estate school

While scheduling regular time outdoors is the best way to boost your immune system and mental health, if you’re crunched for time, you might consider taking your study materials for real estate school outside with you. A change of scenery can go a long way to increase the benefits of study time. Try to find a quiet place, perhaps in a park or near a lake, etc., where you can sip water, read, complete written assignments and more to make the most of your study time.

Outdoor exercise reduces the risk for mental health problems

So far, this post has explained how spending quite time in nature or studying in the outdoors can improve physical and mental health. Research also shows that people who exercise in nature have a much lower risk of developing mental health problems than those who work out indoors.

Just as you might have a particular time of day (early morning, afternoon, or later in the evening) when you feel at the peak of your focus and energy levels, there might also be a specific time of day when you would most benefit from spending time in nature. Consider incorporating such time into your schedule. It might require waking up a half hour earlier to spend time outdoors before going to work. If you go to work then real estate school in the evening, perhaps your outdoor time can come in between the two. Whatever works best for you is fine. Give it a try for 30 days and see what happens!

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