Review this checklist before your first real estate showing

Are you getting ready to start scheduling showings to potential buyers in South Carolina? If so, congratulations! That means you successfully made it through real estate school and passed your final exam! Now, it’s time to start building field experience, to dip your toes in unfamiliar waters, and test your skills. One of the many tasks you’ll be (hopefully) frequently carrying out is showing listings to people in the market for a new home.

Learning about real estate showings and actually leading one are two separate issues. The knowledge you acquired in real estate school will, of course, come in handy as you take your first steps to lead potential buyers on a tour. In this post, you’ll find an additional helpful checklist of things to keep in mind and do to have successful home tours.

Always schedule a pre-showing interview with your clients

Before showing houses to clients, it’s always best to meet with them ahead of time for a pre-showing interview. During this meeting, you’ll want to ask questions that help you refine your search. The answers your clients provide can help you determine which listings best fit their home purchase goals, as well as rule out houses that would be a waste of time.

For example, if your clients say that they must have a home with 3 or more bedrooms, it wouldn’t make much sense to spend time touring homes with fewer. A pre-showing interview can also help you establish a price range and learn whether your clients are looking for special features in a new home or have education or location preferences. The more you can learn during an interview, the greater chance you’ll have of helping your clients find the home that fits their needs.

Take a practice drive to a house before a showing

Yes, GPS makes driving in unfamiliar territories less stressful than it might have been before such devices existed. It’s still wise to take a practice drive to a home you have scheduled for a showing, so that you’re familiar with the route. Don’t forget that GPS or Google Maps are not always accurate.

If you rely solely on a global positioning device, and it leads you off course, you could wind up in an embarrassing situation. On the other hand, if you know the area and can quickly choose an alternate route, your clients will know they can depend on you!

Always offer your buyers an information packet about each home

It’s not uncommon for South Carolina real estate agents to have several showings in a day. As time passes, and you show more and more homes, details and information may begin to converge in your mind. You might forget the specifics about a particular house. Your goal should always be to present yourself as confident and capable.

You can do this by preparing packets ahead of time for your clients. Each one should contain helpful information about the listing in question as well as information about you. It’s also nice to include a writing tablet and pen for each person, in case they want to jot down comments or questions for later. Many agents like to provide neighborhood maps, as well. If you keep these tips in mind, your showings are bound to be a great success!

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