NAR Code of Ethics: Your duties to the client

When a South Carolina real estate licensee joins the National Association of Realtors, he or she voluntarily agrees to abide by a certain code of ethics in the real estate industry. The code contains various articles and accepted procedural operations that form the backbone of ethical behavior when representing clients in real estate transactions.

Numerous articles within the NAR Code of Ethics directly pertain to the relationship between sales agents and clients. As a member of the NAR, you agree that you have certain duties to fulfill regarding interactions in which you engage in a professional capacity with real estate customers. Unfortunately, surveys consistently show that real estate agents are among professionals whom the general public is least likely to trust. Conducting yourself according to a standardized code of ethics may help improve the public’s perception.

Always keep these client-related duties in mind

The following list includes numerous duties that are reflected in the NAR Code of Ethics regarding interactions between real estate licensees and clients or customers:

  • As an agent, you should always do your best to protect and promote your client’s interests in the home sale/purchase process.
  • You must also act with fairness to anyone else involved in the process.
  • Ethical behavior includes cooperating with other licensees as they protect and promote their clients’ interests.
  • You should only receive compensation from one party unless full disclosure and consent has been secured.
  • Make sure all contract details are placed in writing and that all parties of interest receive copies.
  • Never exaggerate, misrepresent or conceal relevant features or facts associated with a particular home for sale.

This list provides examples of the articles listed in the NAR Code of Ethics, which pertain to the relationship between an agent and clients or customers.

NAR members also have duties toward the public and toward other realtors

As a South Carolina real estate agent who has become a member of the NAR, you would also agree to uphold certain ethics and duties that relate to the general public and to other realtors. As you continue your education after earning a license to sell homes, it’s a good idea to take classes that focus on ethics.

Your reputation can either make or break your success in the real estate industry. While one of the duties realtors have toward other realtors is to only make truthful and objective comments about fellow licensees, your professional behavior will definitely begin to precede you. If you act with integrity at all times, you will gain the trust of your colleagues and clients alike, which is a key attribute to building a profitable real estate business.

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