Is fear keeping you from real estate school?

Selling homes in South Carolina can be a rewarding, exciting and often challenging way to earn a living. Many agents say that they love the flexibility that the real estate industry enables them to have over their schedules. Some people sell homes full-time, while others do it on the side or when they need to generate more cash flow. There are lots of people out there, however, who would like to enroll in real estate school but hesitate to do so because of their fear.

It's true. Fear keeps a lot of people from pursuing their dream of obtaining a real estate license. The good news is that if you identify and acknowledge your fear, you can then take steps to overcome it. Once you overcome it, the path is clear for you to move forward to accomplish your goals.

Does fear of rejection keep you out of real estate school?

One of the most common fears cited as a reason people who have considered earning a real estate license wind up not enrolling in a school is fear of rejection. Think about it. In any business, you will not win customer favor 100% of the time. Some people will turn away without buying your product or hiring your services. Others will make a purchase or use your service but will be dissatisfied.

This is to be expected in business. Of course, as a business owner, your goal is customer satisfaction. However, knowing that some people will reject what you have to offer shouldn't keep you from pursuing your dream.

Fear of the loss of job security

You might know someone (or might be someone) who stays in a job they hate because it is secure. Many people are so afraid of losing a job that they would rather stay somewhere they're unhappy just be employed. It's understandable that people take comfort in job security, especially those who are primary breadwinners in a household.

As a licensed real estate agent, you will no doubt experience a fluctuation in sales. Some months or years may be better than others. One way to alleviate this fear is to start setting aside funds from your current career. This enables you to build a financial cushion to help make ends meet when you transition to working in real estate, which is commission-based.

Fear of saying something stupid

It happens. Not only in business but in everyday life. We all say things that we later regret or that make us feel awkward at the time. Many would-be real estate agents never enroll in a school because they are so afraid of talking to clients and possibly saying something that might kill a sale.

This fear need not keep you from obtaining your real estate license. You can tap into many resources to improve your negotiation and conversation skills. Also, experience is a key to alleviating many of these fears. The longer you work in real estate, the more comfortable you feel in your role as an agent. Don't let your fears keep you from pursuing your dream.

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