How to prep for your real estate exam

If you are coming to the end of your course work for getting your real estate license, you may be thinking about scheduling your state licensing exam. This can feel intimidating no matter how long it’s been since high school. In fact, it is not unusual to require several attempts before passing the test. Perhaps this is not your first try, and you want have every advantage for getting it right this time.

Obtaining a passing score is more than just doing well in your real estate classes. There are some additional steps to take to prepare for exam day and improve your chances of reaching your goal.

Study, study, study

Your course work gave you a solid foundation for passing the test, but you still have to study to keep that information fresh, organized and accessible in your mind. You may purchase or borrow study guides, but remember that standardized tests change frequently. Look for the most recent editions of test prep materials that are based on the current version of the exam. Many publishing companies also offer digital versions that are usually updated more frequently. These may also include practice exams.

Seeking advice from veteran agents who have already taken the exam is not a bad idea. However, be sure to speak with agents who have only recently passed the exam. Remember that laws and exams can change quickly, and outdated advice may end up confusing you.

The day of the test

Your exam will likely be done on a computer. Testing experts recommend that you skip any questions you do not know. Computer programs allow you to mark them and come back to them later. Other questions in the test may trigger your memory and help you answer the ones you skipped. Take time to go back through your answers before you finish, but don’t stress and start second-guessing yourself.

If you’re not sure of the location of the test center, it’s a good idea to check it out a day or two before the test so you do not arrive anxious and stressed. Of course, nothing beats a good night’s sleep for building confidence on the day of your exam, so staying up late to cram the night before is not a good idea. Let your brain rest and relax in the knowledge that you have prepared well.

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