How to avoid a humdrum open house

Spring is in the air, the temperatures are rising, and that usually means more people are getting ready to sell their houses. In the past, open houses have been a popular option for bringing multiple buyers in at once for an informal look at an available property. As social distancing restrictions ease, you may be looking for ways to entice more prospective buyers to your upcoming open houses. 

Signs and balloons may attract some clients, and wine and cheese are a nice touch. However, if you want your open house to stand out, you will have to take it to the next level. You may be surprised at the many options available that often motivate buyers to come your way and see what you have to offer. 

Make it a festival 

On a typical weekend, those who are seriously looking or even just starting to think about buying a home may have their choice of dozens of open houses in the area where you work as a real estate agent. You will want your open house to stand out so it will draw many interested buyers, so try something a little different from the ordinary open house, including: 

  • Coordinate with local businesses to offer incentives to buyers, such as a free lawn mowing, pool maintenance or moving services. 
  • Offer a similar service as a raffle that open house visitors can sign up to enter. 
  • Invite the neighbors, so potential buyers can get a feel for the people they will live near. 
  • Invite local bakeries, coffee shops or other food services to provide samples of their wares for visitors, or purchase samples to distribute. 
  • Welcome local artists of many genres to supply works of art to display as a gallery in the open house. 
  • Include pop up shops for local boutiques or specialty stores to set up booths outside the home. 
  • Host a food truck and offer free coupons to your open house guests. 

You may still have potential buyers who are not ready to attend an open house. For them, you may wish to schedule virtual tours or even provide a live stream of the day. Facebook Live is a popular way to include those who do not want to miss out. These ideas may motivate you to spice up your next open house, or they may stir your own creativity to come up with even more ways to make your open house stand out from the crowd. 

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