Can curb appeal help you sell a house?

Undoubtedly, you have encouraged your clients to prep their homes for maximum appeal, including decluttering, cleaning and perhaps even staging the rooms. You want potential buyers to see the home at its best, highlighting the most attractive features. However, buyers may have already formed a negative opinion before they even step inside the house.

First impressions begin long before a house hunter schedules a tour. Many potential buyers study online photos, take digital tours and even drive through the neighborhood before scheduling an in-person look with a real estate agent. The appearance of the exterior of a house, those features visible from the curb, might be enough to scare off a potential buyer no matter how pristine the interior. This is why your seller clients should not overlook the power of curb appeal.

Love at first sight

Before their agents open the front door, potential buyers are already evaluating the property. They are taking note of the lawn, the landscaping and the façade of the house, perhaps down to the doorknobs and hinges. Few things can evoke a feeling of exhaustion faster than an unkempt lawn, overgrown gardens or the weathered exterior of a home.

To a buyer, these might be a sign that they will be spending long weekends trying to keep up with the property instead of enjoying it. You want to make sure your clients’ property does not send this message.

Creating appeal

Fortunately, your clients can take some simple steps to build curb appeal that can draw in potential buyers, for example:

  • Power washing the siding
  • Washing the windows inside and out
  • Power washing the sidewalks and perhaps resealing the driveway
  • Mowing and trimming the lawn and keeping it trim while the house is on the market
  • Weeding flowerbeds and pruning trees and shrubs
  • Raking and disposing of yard debris
  • Removing old furniture, worn decorations and other clutter
  • Replacing or reimagining old light fixtures

If your clients are willing to spend, they can take their curb appeal to the next level. For example, hiring a professional landscaper could cost several thousand dollars, depending on the size of the property. Your client may decide it is worth it to contract a painter to redo the home’s exterior. Replacing a dilapidated front porch, expanding the deck or installing a pool are also examples of high-end ways to improve curb appeal.

However, it is not always necessary to take these drastic steps. Many buyers simply want to see a home that looks loved and cared for inside and out.

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