Build your real estate sales support network wisely

Just think—if you enroll in real estate school today, you could have a license in your hand to start selling homes before autumn rolls around. After studying and working so hard to learn as much as you can and to pass your final exam, you’ll want to launch your business on solid ground. Tapping into the right resources can help you form a strong support network that, in turn, can help you build a profitable South Carolina real estate business.

Your network should include numerous professionals who play key roles in the real estate business. It takes time to get to know people and to connect with people you trust, whose work ethics you admire—people you’d be comfortable recommending to clients, and people you can count on to give you referrals, as well. There’s no reason to wait. You can start making connections while you’re studying to earn your sales license. In this blog post, you’ll find a list of suggestions for real estate professionals you’ll want to add to your network.

Home inspectors should be part of your real estate support network

The inspection process is an integral component of a home sale transaction. While you may, on occasion, when working as a buyer’s agent, have a client who chooses to waive a home inspection to submit an offer with no contingencies (which sometimes happens when there are multiple offers on the table and a buyer wants his or her offer to stand out from the others) it is somewhat rare. Good home inspectors who are reliable and timely are a great asset to realtors who are hoping to get to the closing table quickly.

Whether an inspection is taking place as a normal part of a home sale or clients are planning to have their home inspected after they move in because they’re waiving the contingency, it benefits you, as an agent, to be able to recommend home inspectors in your area. Take time to discover who the best inspectors are, and keep their contact information on hand.

Which mortgage lenders would you recommend to a client?

Without mortgage approval, a home sale can’t happen, unless a client happens to have the full amount needed in cash. Most buyers take out mortgage loans. As a sales agent, you’ll meet many buyers who are in the market for a new home but haven’t yet connected with lenders to seek mortgage loan approval. Get to know which lenders provide prospective clients with estimates in the most timely manner, who can offer the most cost-effective rates, and who can be trusted to successfully close a transaction and complete the approval process.

A client doesn’t necessarily have to accept your recommendation for a preferred mortgage lender. However, incorporating several quality lenders into your support network is never a bad idea.

Your clients might appreciate recommendations for movers

Another group to add to your support network as a real estate agent might include moving companies. Having a mover lined up can help expedite, or, at least prevent delays a scheduled closing. This also happens to be a niche where there are often dramatic differences in quality. Being able to provide recommendations to your clients for trustworthy, quality movers is a benefit to you as an agent.

Miscellaneous resources that help build a strong network

Your options are basically limitless regarding who you can add to your support network, especially as a newly licensed South Carolina real estate agent. In addition to the groups mentioned earlier, the following list includes several other professionals who may be willing to form a connection that can benefit your business as well as their own:

  • Landscapers/contractors/painters
  • Local hotel and restaurant owners
  • Home appraisers
  • Professional home stagers
  • Financial advisers
  • Architects

Forming a strong support network from the start builds a base from which you can grow a successful, profitable real estate business. Don’t wait until you have your license to begin making connections. Start now!

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