4 Ways to make Sunday a rest day, not a stress day

Some people think that the key to success is to never stop working. There is strong evidence, however, that “all work and no play” is a detriment to one’s overall health. Not only is it a good idea to take time to rest, it’s essential if your goal is to achieve your full potential as a profitable real estate agent in South Carolina.

In reality, it’s impossible to be productive and effective in your career if you never take time to relax and rest. Sundays are a good day for rest, and there are four ways to ensure you make the most of your Sundays – to make Sundays a “rest” day, not a “stress” day.

Careful planning throughout the week leaves room for Sunday rest

In short, you might say that plans for Sunday’s rest begin on the previous Monday morning. If your work week isn’t carefully planned and executed, you’re liable to wind up doing all the catch-up work on Sunday, leaving little to no time for rest and relaxation.

By writing out a plan for Monday through Saturday, including tasks pertaining to business, school and personal life, you set the stage for productivity. Always address your priorities before moving on to non-essentials. Determine what type of schedule and routine you need in order to accomplish your weekly goals within six days.

Plan your Sunday rest day

When you leave your rest day to chance, chances are you won’t do much resting. Too many other things will pop into your mind – things you’ve “been meaning to take care of.” If you’re serious about taking a day of rest, incorporate your plans for Sunday into your weekly schedule.

What types of things would you like to do this coming Sunday to rest? Make sure ahead of time, you have what you’ll need on hand to avoid last minute rushing around. For instance, if you know you want to enjoy a glass of wine and a good book, don’t wait until the eleventh hour to buy the wine or find the book you want to read. Plan ahead!

Spending time in nature helps create a restful feeling

Fresh air and sunlight are keys to good health. Whether you work from home or in a brick-and-mortar building, it’s a good idea to spend time outdoors on a daily basis. Making it one of your goals to, at least, spend time in nature on Sundays helps you gain a change of scenery from work-week surroundings.

Resting doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t be active. In fact, taking a long walk, going for a swim or playing sports for fun with family and friends also helps rejuvenate your body after a busy work week.

Treat yourself to whatever helps you feel relaxed

Whether you have a special meal, take a luxury bath or watch a favorite movie, treating yourself to small pleasures on a Sunday creates a restful atmosphere. It’s important to remember that self-care is not selfish. In fact, it’s imperative to good health as well as to productivity in the workplace and to help you achieve your career goals, especially if you’re going to school to become a licensed real estate agent.

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