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Measuring Square Footage (2 hours)
Learning style: In Person

Course Code:    CEMSF2

Tuesday June 18th - Tuesday June 18th
1:00pm to 3:00pm
Class Price: $ 25
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Course Description

This course meets the mandatory core requirements for continuing education in the 2018-2020 license renewal period. The content selection and subject matter outline for this course was created by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission’s Education Task Force. The topics chosen were selected because they are areas of license law and practice that pose particular issues for real estate licensees in the state of South Carolina. The South Carolina Real Estate Commission believes that this course should improve a licensee’s ability to sail smoothly through the Principles, Practices and Pitfalls of serving clients and protecting and promoting the interests of the public. The 3 Ps of Professionalism: Principles, Practices and Pitfalls will help licensees better understand pressing issues and changes in law, as well as identify tools to deal effectively with these issues and changes