South Carolina Real Estate Continuing Education

The South Carolina Real Estate Commission requires licensees to complete 10 hours of continuing education every two years prior to renewing your license. A minimum of 4 hours must be a core course which covers state and federal laws that affect licensees. The ten hours must include a minimum of four hours of instruction in mandated topics for a broker or salesperson license and four hours of continuing education must be in advanced real estate topics designed for brokers-in-charge. Continuing education can also be completed in the classroom or on-line.

We are your definitive resource for all the preparation and guidance material for the real estate renewal cycle. Stay tuned to learn more about the requirements and our tips on maintaining and improving your real estate knowledge and skills.

In the classroom Continuing Education

  • Elective – Contracts CEE2396
  • Elective – Handling Multiple Offers CEE2106
  • Elective - Measuring Square Footage CEE2075
  • Elective – NAR Code of Ethics CEE1865
  • Elective – Property Disclosure CEE2243
  • Elective – Duties of a Broker CEE2220
  • Elective – Settlement Statements HUD1 CEE2078
  • Elective – Risk Reduction CEE2105
  • Elective – Risk Management CEE2074
  • Elective – Agency CEE2354
  • Elective – Contracts (4 hours credit) CEE2402

Online Real Estate Continuing Education

Looking for online real estate continuing education in South Carolina?

These are our continuing education courses:

Video based continuing education with Frankie Griffin

10 Hour Package Deals for 2023-2024
Best Value

Salesperson and Broker Package Deal - $89
Broker in Charge Package Deal - $99

Individual CE Courses

Dislcosures, Disclosures, Disclosure
Core Manadatory (4-Hours) - $40

Understanding Home Inspections - (4-Hours) - $40
Measuring Square Footage - (2-Hours) - $25

Broker-in-Charge Duties and Responsibilities - $50

This course is a mandatory class for all Brokers-in-charge. We discuss the duties and responsibilities of the BIC as required by license law. We further discuss the significance and requirements of a company policy manual.

Additional real estate continuing education

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Unfortunately, there are no in classroom courses currently scheduled. We do offer many great online real estate course options.