Real Estate School Policy

Complete Catalog and Course Syllabus

August 1, 2006 - Volume 1

1. Mission Statement

The Real Estate School for Success provides comprehensive education of the highest quality to adults seeking Successful Careers as real estate salesmen, brokers, appraisers, and property managers. This education will be provided by qualified and experienced instructors in a classroom setting.

2. Governing Body and Faculty may be reached during business hours at (803) 807-9152.

3. Location of Office and Classrooms

3.1 The Real Estate School for Success is located at 288 Saint Andrews Road, Columbia, South Carolina 29210. (1.5 miles from the intersection of St Andrews Road and I-26 or Bush River Road and I-20). Office phone number is (803) 807-9152.

3.2 Classroom sizes will be maintained at no more than thirty students (30) per class to ensure the quality of training and teacher/student interaction. Classrooms are equipped with overhead projectors, vending machines, and restrooms.

3.3 The offices and classrooms are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Students with disabilities will be accommodated.

4. Operating Hours

4.1 Our staff is available to answer telephone calls Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm.

4.2 Course hours differ for each specific course and may not coincide with the Admissions Office hours. The schedule for each course will be made available to potential students. Courses are offered year round.

4.3 The Admissions office will be closed and courses will not be held during Federal or State recognized holidays.

5. Corporate Structure

The Real Estate School for Success is privately owned and operated and not affiliated with any real estate brokerage companies.

6. Tobacco Policy

Smoking or chewing tobacco is strictly prohibited inside of the school building. Students may use tobacco while physically outside of the school building and are required to dispose of cigarettes appropriately and not litter the grounds.

7. Alcohol Policy

7.1 Students are forbidden to consume alcohol on the school premises.

7.2 Students who arrive at school intoxicated will not be permitted to attend class.

7.3 Students who repeatedly arrive at school intoxicated may be expelled.

8. Mobile/Cell Phone Policy

8.1 Cell phones must be completely turned off while in the classroom (phones cannot be placed on vibrate or silent mode).

8.2 Cell phones may be used in the break areas during break.

8.3 Students who repeatedly use or receive cell phone calls during class will be asked to leave the classroom

8.4 Landline phones within the office are not available for student use unless there is an emergency.

9. Perfume and Cologne

9.1 Students may not wear perfume or cologne while attending classes. Many people are very sensitive and allergic to many of the perfumes.

9.2 Students arriving to class wearing perfume or cologne will be asked to leave until the perfume or cologne can be removed.

9.3 Note: Deodorant is Fine and Encouraged!

10. Tuition Policy

10.1 All students are required to pay the full amount of tuition before the start date of the course.

10.2 At no time will tuition transfer from one student to another after a course has started.

10.3 The school does not offer financial aid or any other type of financing.

10.3.1 Tuition may be paid in any of the following forms: cash, personal check, certified checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.

10.3.2 If a student pays by personal check, identification must be provided.

10.3.3 There will be a $35 fee charged for a dishonored check. This is in addition to any fee the student’s own financial institution may charge.

10.3.4 If a student’s check is dishonored after issuance of a certificate of completion of a course to student, that certificate will be invalidated.

10.3.5 If a student’s credit card transaction is charged back by the card issuing bank after the issuance of a certificate of completion of a course to student, that certificate will be invalidated.

10.4 Refunds – please see the section in this manual which contains the school’s refund policy.

11. Course Accreditation

All courses offered by the Real Estate School for Success have been reviewed and accredited by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission.

12. General Admissions and attendance Policy (for all courses)

12.1 To enroll in any course offered by the Real Estate School for Success, a student must be 18 years of age and be a High School Graduate or have obtained a GED.

12.2 Because we limit the number of students per class, the first twenty four (24) students paying in full, will be guaranteed a seat. Those registering and have not paid, will not receive a seat if twenty four (24) other students pay prior to receiving payment.

12.3 Students are required to pay tuition in full upon being admitted into the school, before the course begins.

12.4 Students who are illiterate or cannot understand the English language are responsible for their own interpretation of text and instructed material.

12.5 A student’s admission is valid for 180 days. All courses for which the student has enrolled must be completed within this timeframe or the student will have to re-enroll.

12.6 Students are required to be in class during prescribed times. Those not present when the roll is called must make up the same time to complete the course.

13. Updates to Student Contact Information

13.1 If a student’s telephone number, email address, or physical mailing address change, the student must notify the Admissions Office in writing.

13.2 Until notified of a change, the school will consider the original contact information to be valid and current.

14. Academic Integrity

14.1 The Real Estate School for Success upholds the highest standards of academic integrity and honesty. The school has a no tolerance policy toward cheating, plagiarizing, and theft.

14.2 A violation of academic integrity would include, but would not be limited to, any of the following: cheating on an examination, copying work completed by another person, falsifying identity, falsifying data, destruction of school property, theft of another student’s personal property, and stealing examination questions.

14.3 Upon learning of a student’s violation of the school’s academic integrity policy, the school will notify said student within three (3) business day period in writing. The student will have two (2) business days to reply, if desired.
14.4 The school may take any action it deems appropriate based on the violation. This may include a warning, suspension, or expulsion.
14.5 If the student has already received a certificate of course completion, the school may nullify the certificate.

15. Student Conduct

15.1 Students are expected to act appropriately while in classrooms or on school grounds. "Appropriately" includes using social manners, respect for instructors and other students, respect for school property, and remaining quite while in the classroom.

15.2 Any student acting in a manner deemed inappropriate by the school may be expelled. Inappropriate behavior consists of: violating any policy contained in this catalog, harassment or annoyance of other students or instructors, destruction of school or student property, not remaining quite during class.

16. Tuition and Course Dates

16.1 The following is a complete list of programs offered by the Real Estate School for Success and corresponding tuition for each course. Dates for courses may be reviewed by accessing the school website at

16.2 Tuition costs may change without notice.

16.3 Tuition listed below is not inclusive of any discounts periodically offered.

16.4 Tuition listed below is inclusive for related courses. No additional costs apply.

16.5 Students have six months (180 days) from initial date of enrollment to complete a course before re-enrollment and another paid tuition is required.

16.5.1 Real Estate Pre-licensing (60 hours) $350.00

16.5.2 Real Estate Final Sales (30 hours) $299.00

16.5.3 Real Estate Broker A (30 hours) $250.00

16.5.4 Real Estate Broker B (30 hours) $250.00

16.5.5 Real Estate Property Management (30 hours) $275.00

16.5.6 Real Estate Appraisal, L-1 (30 hours) $285.00

Book not included in cost of course. Cost of book is $55.00 and is used for both L-1 and L-2.
16.5.7 Real Estate Appraisal, L-2 (30 hours) $285.00

16.5.8 Real Estate Appraisal, L-3 (15 hours) $275.00

Book not included in cost of course. Cost of book is $40.00 & Workbook is $35.00

16.5.9 Real Estate Continuing Education (4 hours) $60.00

17. Refund and Re-instatement Policy

The following refund policy applies to all enrolled students in any course:

17.1 All students who withdraw from a course must pay $40.00 for their text book. Text books are not included in this tuition refund policy.

16.2 If, under any circumstances, the Real Estate School for Success has failed to
Provide the student the course which student has enrolled and paid tuition
For, the student shall receive a refund in the amount of 100% of the tuition

16.3 A student who cancels his/her enrollment in a course prior to that course’s beginning date shall be entitled to a refund of tuition paid minus an amount equal to 10% of the tuition.

16.4 A student who withdraws from or is expelled by the Real Estate School for Success will not be due a refund.

16.5 If, under any circumstances, a student is a "no show" for a course, there will be no refund given to the student. The student may be credited for the course missed and will have 180 days to take the course. If course is not taken within the 180 days, the student will loose the credit and will have to repay for course.

16.6 Refunds of monies paid to the Real Estate School for Success for anything other than tuition are not included in this refund policy. All refunds will be made by the same payment type as student initially used to pay. Students who paid via cash will be refunded by check. NO cash refunds. Refunds will be made within 15 calendar days of withdraw or expulsion.

18. Standards of Progress - Examinations

18.1 Students enrolled in all courses will be required to complete the prescribed number of classroom hours and pass a final examination by answering 75% of the questions correctly.

18.2 Students will be required to complete their examination in a 2 hour time period.

18.3 If a student does not pass a final examination, the student will be afforded the chance to retake the examination a total of two more times.

18.4 If a student fails the final examination on the third retake, the student will be required to take the complete course over again at a price of ½ of the listed price. (No discounts apply).

19. Student Attendance

19.1 The state of South Carolina has set a minimum number of hours each student must attend each course.

19.2 In order to complete the course and obtain a certificate, each student must complete the required amount of hours for each course.

19.3 A student is considered absent when the student is not physically in the classroom.

19.4 Students who have missed any time required of the course, must make up the exact time (material) missed in the course. This time must be made up prior to taking the course examination and issuance of a certificate of completion.

20. Job Placement

20.1 The Real Estate School for Success does not provide job placement services.

20.2 Students are responsible for preparation of their own resume.

20.3 Students are responsible for scheduling interviews with potential brokers.

20.4 The Real Estate School for Success may have real estate brokers speak to students in the break-room for purposes of providing information.

21. Notary Service

Applications to be submitted to the Real Estate Commission for new licensees must be notarized. There will be a notary available for this purpose only at no charge for students of the Real Estate School for Success.

22. Course Withdrawal

22.1 Students may withdraw from their enrolled course(s) at anytime without academic penalty.

22.2 Withdrawals must be made in writing on the school’s standard withdrawal form. Telephone withdrawals are not valid.

22.3 Students must review the school’s refund policy to determine any refund amount due and the time in which the school has to make said refund.

23. Distance Learning Program / Online Courses

Students who are enrolled in any distance course may contact a live instructor at the school during business hours by calling (803) 807-9152 or by E-mail at An instructor will respond as soon as possible, but in no case later that 2 business days.

24. Credit for prior education

The Real Estate School for Success does not grant credit for prior education. Credits desired to be included towards meeting real estate licensing requirements must be obtained by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission.

25. Academic Progress Records

Academic Progress Records with be maintained by the Real Estate School for Success for a period of five (5) years in accordance with the South Carolina Real Estate Commission requirements. Certificates of completion will be furnished at completion of the course. Additional certificates will be provided upon student request when required to meet requirements of the South Carolina Real Estate Commission.


121 Executive Drive, Suite 135 (Congaree Building)

Columbia, SC 29210 


This agreement, by and between The Real Estate School for Success (herein referred to as the "School") and ___________________________, (herein referred to as the "Student"), is made and entered into this ______day of _________, 2008 and constitutes the complete agreement and understanding of the aforementioned parties, which hereby mutually agree as follows: 

    1. School agrees to provide student with ____________ course consisting of instruction as prescribed by the SC License Law and Regulations.  School agrees to issue the Student a certificate which qualifies the Student to meet such requirements as prescribed by the SC License Law and Regulations for the above mentions course, provided the Student can show proof of a high school diploma or its equivalency and satisfactorily completes such course in accordance with the School’s policies and procedures, as outlined in the instructional material.
    1. Student agrees to pay tuition (and fees) for this course in the amount of $_________.
    1. Refund policy is as follows:  No refund will be given for "no shows" or after a student attends any portion of the course.  At no time will tuition transfer from one student to another after a course has started.  Students may attend the same unit in future courses at no cost for up to six months.  A $35.00 service charge will be added for returned checks.  South Carolina Law requires attendance of the entire course, no exceptions.
    1. Admission Policy:  This school will admit those students desiring to obtain a SC Real Estate License and continuing education who meet the requirements prescribed by the SC Real Estate Law.
    1. This course is scheduled for 60 hours.  It is to begin on ________, 2008 and will end on ________, 2008 Meeting days/times will be _______ _______________________
    1. Completion Requirements: Must attend the full ____ hours and obtain 75% or better on end of course assessment. You are allowed two retest on the course assessment, after that you must sit through the course again.

The School reserves the right to postpone the start of this course for up to four weeks.  Should the course be postponed for more than four weeks, or should meeting times/days be changed, or should the course be cancelled, Student shall be entitled to a full refund of all tuition. 


Student’s Name (please print) 

________________________________  ________________________________

Student’s Signature                   Date   Stacey Starnes            Date


Signature affirms that student has read the enrollment agreement with policies and procedures and agrees to abide by the same.