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South Carolina State Housing Authority As most of us know, financing to purchase a home today can be a real issue.  Meeting the financing criteria is much more difficult for many than in years past.  No one can make a valid arguement that buying a home today is as good a time we have seen in many years.  Home prices have dropped to the lowest levels we have seen in the last decade and interest rates have never been this low in my lifetime.  If we can get a loan, now is the time to buy a home in South Carolina! The First place most buyers should look before doing anything else is the South Carolina State Housing Authority.  You will find many different programs available for financing with low interest rates, as well as down payment assistance.  Many receive the necessary funds for down payment and do not have to pay it back.  I know you are thinking this program is only for those making very little money to qualify.  Not true.  Several programs allow one to make $90,000 per year and still qualify for down payment assistance.  If one is applying for an FHA Loan, it would require about 3.5% down payment.  For a home costing around $150,000 or less, one of these programs could pay all or most of your down payment for you! Although there are many programs available to consider, one such program is the Palmetto Heroes Program.  Those qualifying for this program include Police Officers, Firefighters, EMS, Teachers, Nurses, and Veterans.  The Palmetto Heroes Program offers up to $5,000 in down payment assistance and may not have to be re-paid. This Saturday morning on Success in Real Estate, we will have trained experts in studio to explain the many different programs, how they work, and who qualifies for the programs.  If you are a Real Estate Agent, this is a show you simply cannot afford to miss!!  Gain the knowledge you need to best represent and assist your buyer in the home buying process.  Tune in to WIS Radio, 1320AM, this Saturday morning from 8:30am till 9:30am for the Success in Real Estate Show!!  You can also listen live at  If you have any questions about down payment assistance programs in South Carolina, give us a call between 8:30am and 9:30am at (803) 739-8730.  We will be giving away Meals for Two at El Chico's, Columbia's finest Mexican Resturant! If you or anyone you know would be interested in getting their SC Real Estate License, you can get a DISCOUNT by entering the DISCOUNT CODE below when you register for the class.  This code will work on any class you need at the Real Estate School for Success.  I will also give you a $50.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE if you call the show and simply ask for it!! DISCOUNT CODE is:  Downpayment