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FHA 203(k) Loan Radio Podcast

On today's Success in Real Estate show, we discussed how home buyers can purchase a home in need of repairs and get a FHA 203(k) loan to finance the purchase price as well as money needed to make repairs.  Our guest is Ben Blanks, owner of Three Rivers Mortgage, and he explains all the details of the loan.  If you would like additional information about this loan or any other loan, contact Ben Blanks and he can assist you with all your financing needs.  You can find his contact information under the Sponsors of Radio Show to the right of this page. Not only can home buyers get financing for the purchase price and money required for repairs, homeowners desiring financing for remodel or repair projects for their current home can also use the FHA 203(k) loan.  If you are in search of a home to fix up and a very good price, you need to have a competent agent that is very familiar with all the available types of financing.  Real Estate agents attend extensive training to be a licensed real estate agent in South Carolina and can help home buyers in making good and informed decisions.  

SC Real Estate Investment Alternatives

In a huge Buyers Real Estate Market such as the one we are in now, Real Estate Agents must have the ability to offer Investment Alternatives to their home seller clients.  Marketing investment alternatives requires a clear understanding of the many options available to investors and options for the seller when they cannot sell their property as quickly as they would like.  This Saturday morning on Success in Real Estate, we will be discussing many of these options with SC Real Estate Attorney, Andy Aun, with Aun and McKay Law Firm.  Topics we will be discussing include:  Understanding the difference in marketing to residential home buyers and Real Estate Investors.  Marketing to investors will require a clear understanding of the types of funding available to investors. Other Real Estate Investment Topics will include: * Leases, Lease Options, Real Estate Installment Agreements, Contracts for Deed and Owner Financing. * Tax and Insurance Considerations. * Using Reverse Mortgages when appropriate. * Liabilities on Disclosures * Converting Tenants to Home Buyers * The Role of a Property Manager and the Property Management Licensing Requirement We will be discussing all of these topics this Saturday morning on WIS Radio, 1320AM.  The Success in Real Estate Show is brought to you by the Real Estate School for Success.