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Home Foundation Problems Radio Podcast

  Dwayne Blanton with Terratec Foundation Repair Foundation problems can cause significant issues when selling your home.  Buyers will not get nearly as concerned with other home defects because they know they can get the home at a better price and the defects can be repaired.  When buyers discover foundation problems, that can throw up a huge RED FLAG.  If the foudation issues cannot be repaired, it will result in major problems to the homeowner as time passes by. On this podcast, Dwayne explains how foundation problems can be repaired and Terratec Foundation Repair will offer a LIFETIME guarrantee on all work performed.  It is amazing how Terratec can make the foundation repairs at such great price.  Dwayne also explains what to look for to discover potential foundation issues and what can be done to fix the problem.  If you suspect foundation problems, give Dwayne a call and he will come out and inspect your home foundation.  There is no cost for this inspection and estimate to make repairs.  If you are selling your home, it is critical that foundation issues be resolved prior to showing the home to buyers.  Sellers do not want to be put in a corner they cannot get out of, resulting in buyers walking away from a potential sell.  

Home Foundation Problems

  Foundation Issues The picture above portrays a sight home sellers or buyers do not want to see.  The reality is that many homes will suffer from some degree of foundation problems over time.  The midlands of South Carolina is primarily a sandy terrain and can cause your home foundation to shift or settle over a few years.  When there is settling over the years in one area of the home, it will cause your foundation to crack. Another Foundation Issue can be caused from upheaval.  Upheaval takes place with homes on a slab and one end of the slab begins to rise.  This will also cause your foundation to crack.  This typically takes place due to water build up under the slab.  It may be an indication that you have a leaking pipe under the slab.  Water or moisture can cause substantial problems and is a real enemy when it comes to real estate.  Too much moisture under the home will cause part of your foundation to rise and if there is not enough moisture or it dries out substantially from the time the home was built, it will cause your foundation to sink.  Rising or sinking of your foundation can cause cracks and damange. This Saturday morning on Success in Real Estate, our special guest will be Dwayne Blanton with Terratec.  Terratec is the leading foundation repair company in South Carolina.  Terratec is the only foundation repair company that have magnum piers used to jack the foundation back to the proper position.  All work performed by Terratec carries a lifetime guarrantee!!  Dwayne will explain the major causes of foundation issues and provide solutions to avoid the issues.  You can see a list of warning signs to look for if you own a home or considering purchasing a home. If you have any questions about Real Estate or foundation problems, tune into Success in Real Estate this Saturday morning on WIS Radio, 1320AM.  You can also listen live by clicking the link to the right of this Blog.  The number to call in studio is 803-739-8730.  This show is brought to you by the Real Estate School for Success.  We will be giving away many gift certificates for all those calling into the show with any questions or comments.   Warning Signs to Foundation Problems.doc (25.00 kb)