South Carolina Real Estate License Guide

1. South Carolina Licensing Requirements
2. Find A Broker
3. Pass The PSI Exam
4. Get Your License
5. Sell Your First Real Estate Property
6. Build Your Real Estate Business

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This guide will explain how to get your South Carolina real estate license. Let's start from the beginning. The South Carolina Real Estate Commission regulates South Carolina real estate licenses. The commission's purpose is defined as

The purpose of the South Carolina Real Estate Commission is to protect the interest of the public when involved in a real estate transaction through the effective administration of the Real Estate License Law and Regulations, the Uniform Land Sales Practice Act, and the Vacation Time Sharing Plan Act.

The Real Estate Commission regulates the real estate industry in South Carolina. They handle complaints and issue the curriculum for all real estate related education in the state of South Carolina. The Real Estate School for Success has the best instructors, material, facilities, and additional business services to assist you throughout your real estate career. We take pride in making real estate fun, entertaining, and of course educational. But don't take my word for it read our student testimonials and find out what they think about us. The South Carolina Real Estate School for Success prides itself on its high student’s satisfaction rating. But enough about us, how do you get a South Carolina real estate license?

South Carolina Real Estate License Requirements


Basically it can be summarized in 3 easy steps. But if you would like the full details look under detailed licensing requirements

1. Take the Pre-Licensing Course at the Real Estate School for Success

2. Pass the Course Exam

3. Pass the PSI Exam

Have a Party because you are now a South Carolina Real Estate Agent.

Detailed Licensing Requirements

The first step is to take the pre-licensing real estate course. This is a requirements by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission. The course is 60 hours and must be taken at an approved South Carolina real estate school. Once you have completed this course at the South Carolina Real Estate School for Success, you will then take our course exam. Our course exam is required to ensure that you have learned all the South Carolina real estate curriculum and that you are ready for the PSI exam. The PSI exam is the final test that is required before you are given a South Carolina real estate provisional license. The PSI Exam will be very similar to our course exam. But just in case you need more help we offer a free exam review course to our students. There are two sections to the PSI exam; the general and the state portion. You can pass or fail either section. As you may have already guessed the South Carolina portion is about South Carolina real estate law and the general is about general real estate law.

Find A Broker
You're a Real Estate Agent! Now you must find someone to hang your real estate license with. Confused? South Carolina Real Estate Agents must work under a Broker in charge. A Broker in charge is someone who oversees your real estate transactions to ensure that you do what you are supposed to do. After all you just got your license. After 3 years you can be a Broker too. You will need to interview brokerage companies to see who will help you meet your real estate goals. Each real estate company must have a broker in charge. Don’t confuse this with a broker. A broker in charge is someone who is responsible for all associated licensees. Look at our South Carolina Real Estate Broker Course.

Sell your First Property
This is what you have been waiting for right? Well I am sure that you have been talking to people trying to find that first prospective client. You may even have a sale lined up. Maybe you will be your first client. But, you finally get that sale. You have dreams of selling every house of everyone you know but how exactly are you going to do that. Are you going to use flyers? Are you going to cold call people? Just how are you going to make all this money. Well you are no different than any other small business, you need a plan. That's right a business plan.

Build Your Real Estate Business
We have an in house marketing company that will assist you in getting your name out there. Now the state curriculum ensures that you understand South Carolina real estate law but they don't allow us to show you how to run a real estate business. But we have "the success course" that teaches you everything you need to know to be a successful agent. The Success Course is a 6 week working course. We say working course because we are going to put you to work on your business. You will write a business plan, build your marketing plan, understand your finances, and many other important business principals. So at this point you know how to run a business and you understand real estate law. You are ready to start making some money!

Final Sales
You now have your South Carolina provisional real estate license. That's right, provisional, the state of South Carolina requires that you take an additional 30 hours that deals more with agency, contracts, fair housing, measurement & valuation and ethics. This 30 hours is broken up into five - six hour courses. Each 6 hour section can be taken separately or can be taken back to back with our package deal. These are the final courses that are required to get your permanent South Carolina real estate license. Once you complete Final Sales you will have a permanent real estate license. The Final Sales requirement must be completed within a year after receiving your South Carolina provisional real estate license.