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This guide will explain how to get your South Carolina property management license. Let's start from the beginning. The South Carolina Real Estate Commission regulates South Carolina property management licenses. The commission’s purpose is defined as

"The purpose of the South Carolina Real Estate Commission is to protect the interest of the public when involved in a real estate transaction through the effective administration of the Real Estate License Law and Regulations, the Uniform Land Sales Practice Act, and the Vacation Time Sharing Plan Act."

The Real Estate Commission regulates the real estate industry in South Carolina. They handle complaints and issue the curriculum for all real estate related education in the state of South Carolina. The Real Estate School for Success has the best instructors, material, facilities, and additional business services to assist you throughout your real estate career. We take pride in making real estate fun, entertaining, and of course educational. But don't take my word for it read our student testimonials and find out what they think about us. The South Carolina Real Estate School for Success prides itself on its high student’s satisfaction rating. But enough about us, how do you get a South Carolina real estate license?

This course consist of 30 hours of in-depth pre-license instruction on principles and practices of property management. This is the only course required to enable a candidate to sit for property management exam.

South Carolina is one of the few states which allows one to practice just property management by acquiring a property management license. Most states require you to have a salesman or broker license. Property manager in the state of South Carolina refers to anyone who for a fee, salary, commission, or other valuable consideration or who with the intent or expectation of receiving compensation for managing properties for a principal:

SC Property Management Requirements
Three Easy Steps:
1. Take the 30 hour pre-licensing course at The Real Estate School for Success
2. Pass the course exam
3. Pass the state exam

Detailed Licensing Requirements

You must be 18 years of age to be a property manager and 21 years of age to be a property manager in charge in the state of South Carolina. There is no experience required to be licensed as a property manager.

A candidate for a property management license must be a high school graduate or hold a certificate of equivalency. You must complete the thirty hour course in the fundamentals of property management. This is required by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission. You must take this course with an approved South Carolina Real Estate School. Once you have completed the course at the Real Estate School for Success, you will take the course exam. The final examination you must take is the state examination given by the PSI exam center. PSI is the examination provider for the South Carolina Commission. You must apply within one year of taking and passing the State examination for your property manager or property manager in charge license.

Exemption of the 30 hour course

If you have a law degree or baccalaureate with a major in real estate, you are qualified to take the state examination without taking the 30 hour pre-licensing course for Property management. Additionally, anyone taking the 60 hour first year sales course and receiving a salesman license will also be qualified practice property management.

License options for Property Management

There are five licenses that you can hold that will allow you to practice property management. They are:
1) Salesman license
2) Broker
3) Property Manager
4) Property manager in charge
5) Broker in charge