South Carolina Home Builders License

South Carolina Home Builders License

South Carolina Home Builders License

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With finance rates going down, and housing numbers creeping back up, we expect more and more new homes being built over the next couple of years. Now is the time if you have given any thought to getting your home builders license.

Our Home Builders Licensing Course is a 16 hour course and gives you a thorough foundation in the knowledge required to be a successful builder. This exam prep course is designed and taught by one of the Premier Custom Home Builders in South Carolina and will prepare you to pass the South Carolina state home builders licensing exam. There are seven (7) books you must have for the state exam. It is an open book exam and questions will come out of all seven books.

The seven books you will need are:
  • South Carolina Residential Builders Guide to Business, Law and Project Mgmt, 5th Edition. $45.00
  • International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings, 2003 $72.50
  • Carpentry & Building Construction 6th Edition 2004 $79.95
  • The Contractor’s Guide to Quality Concrete Construction, Second Edition 1998 $65.50
  • Modern Masonry, 2003 $69.95
  • Guide to Good Practice for Handling, Installing Restraining, and bracing of metal plate $14.25 connected wood trusses, 2006
  • Gypsum Construction Handbook, 2000 $25.00

    The cost of this very in depth 16 hour course is $245 which does not include the books listed above. You may obtain the books on your own prior to class or give the school at least 3 days notices and full payment, and the school will ensure your books will be waiting for you on the first day of class.

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