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Should Real Estate Agents have a Home Inspection prior to Listing?

One of the top reasons for disciplinary actions against Real Estate Agents is due to failure to disclose.  Although there are many required disclosures for South Carolina Real Estate Agents, the one we discuss today is the requirement to disclose known material defects with a property.  To be clear, Real Estate Agents are not responsible for finding defects, only to disclose them when they become aware of them.    Real Estate Agents should always practice Risk Reduction when involved with a Real Estate Transaction.  Having a home inspection conducted by a licensed Home Inspector prior to putting the home on the market is a great idea for several reasons.  Often times Real Estate Agents will list a home, spend money marketing the home only to finally get the property under contract and find out from the buyer after their home inspection that problems exists with the home that the seller is not willing or able to fix.  Now we have a listing that we have spent money to market and cannot sell.   Smart Real Estate Agents are learning that the cost of a home inspection to determine if any material defects exist is much cheaper than spending hours of time and money to market and get the house under contract only to learn later, you cannot close.  The inspection report can also be used to show potential buyers.  Buyers feel much better about a home they are interested in if they can see the results a recent inspection.  Property Condition is always a major concern for buyers.  In other words, the home inspection may be the very best marketing tool you can get!   Selecting a good Home Inspector is the next important decision.  We are very fortunate in the Midlands of South Carolina to have several very good home inspectors.  Home Inspectors are not required to take any additional training to further their knowledge after being licensed as a Home Inspector.  The good inspectors take training to stay on top and make it their business to know everything about Home Inspections.  Another question to ask a Home Inspector is if they are members of the Association of Home Inspectors (ASHI).  Members of ASHI are required to attend training and held to a higher standard.  One of the best Home Inspectors in South Carolina is David Dubose with Dubose Home Inspections.  David is a past president of the SC Home Inspectors Association and current instructor at the Real Estate School for Success.   If you would like to get your Home Inspection License, the Real Estate School for Success will be offering this four day class starting January 26th (Thurs – Sun).  We are offering a huge discount in price.  This class will cost only $450.00!!  Give us a call if you would like to register for this class or you can register online at the Real Estate School for Success.  If you are interested in getting a SC Real Estate License, you can receive a 15% discount on those classes by entering the PROMO CODE below when registering on line.   DISCOUTN PROMO CODE IS:  Inspection      Click to listen to this weeks Success in Real Estate Show.